Wednesday, 16 March 2011

my pain

My pain can never end,
I think as I get the knife again.
Slash a line across my chest,
Throw my head back and bleed the rest.
The crimson pulses from my wound,
I hope it doesn't end too soon.
I've lived and died so many times,
But that doesn't cover up my lies
When the blood stops flowing,
I change so my blood won't be showing.
Rejoin the crowd and smile,
My thoughts darkening all the while.
I chuckle at the thought of my innocence,
These fools don't take much to convince.
Love will never find my heart,
Everyone's lives seem like works of art.
My blood only intoxicates, it no longer keeps me alive,
I've ALWAYS had to struggle, to strive.
I yearn for strength, for insight,
But I fear...I'll never see the light.